My Story

Sol & Selene was created in the midst of Covid-19 when I was at a complete low point in my life. I had just started studying Naturopathy when my eczema completely flared up; covering my entire body from head to toe. As this was my first time studying in over 10 years, the emotional stress lead to a number of health issues. Not only was I battling with chronic eczema, my sleep completely suffered for nearly 4 months, which in turn affected my mental state and social functioning. I had to design self-care routines suitable for me, to manage my stress and anxiety of study, skin issues and insomnia.

During this time, I started to create my own face and body oils, as most products would irritate my skin. This is where my love for mixing and creating oils began and I knew I wanted to establish a business that was clean, safe, rich in healing benefits drawing from the wisdom of our ancestors, and energetically moving into a space of feeling good when using the products.

Reflecting over those challenging months, I am grateful for the experiences I went through as it has begun my journey to Sol & Selene. It has shown me a path to low-toxic living and has contributed to the trajectory of my authenticity - by slowing down and listening to my body.

Sol & Selene advocates for natural, non-toxic ingredients only and the importance of slowing down and being kind and gentle to your temple (body).

Love, Jacinta @ S & S x