Green Aventurine Gua Sha Tool

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Gua Sha is a beautiful traditional Chinese tool used to enhance the quality of skin. It relieves pain and tension, reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves circulation, helps lift and smooth the skin, and stimulates collagen formation. 

Directions: Gua Sha is best used after applying a small amount of oil to the face.

- Keep the Gua Sha reasonably flat and with slight pressure glide the notched side from the spin of the neck upwards to the hairline. Repeat this step on each side of the neck.

- With the long side, glide upwards from the collar bone to the jaw line (hold the collar bone with the free hand). 

- Glide the Gua Sha (notched ways) from the chin outwards along the jaw line.

- With the long side, work your way up to your cheeks. Gently use the Gua Sha in the same way under the eyes.

- Work your way from the middle of the face along the brow (notched ways). 

- Long ways, start from the bridge of the nose and work your way up to the hairline.

*Repeat all steps 3-5 times.

*This is a gentle practice and is not designed for heavy pressure. 

*Adding pressure to the hairline can help relieve tension.